Brett Baxter
Author: Brett Baxter

Title: Luke Warm, One-Act Play

Released: 2011

Genre: Comedy (not for the faint-hearted)

Characters: 2M, 2F, 2 - 3M/F. Total 7 (6 with doubling).

Length: Roughly 30 minutes.

Suitable for: Liberals and children over 16.

Performance Cost: R150 per performance
($25.00 in American money)

Performance Rights: Contact

Synopsis: Luke Warm (Crime Fighting Machine) and his non-gender-specific sidekick
(Mike Alpha November), have been tasked with thwarting the diabolical villain Canto
Knees, and his non-gender-specific sidekick (Vanilla Sheik), before they destroy the
southern hemisphere with a giant laser cannon. They are assisted by Little Miss Buffet
(Private Dick), a black sidekick housekeeper (Mavis), and an Extra. Featuring Russians,
cuckoo clocks and a speech impediment, Luke Warm will make your nose bleed.

Themes: South Africa, Lasers, Racism, Lasers, Bond Villain,
Lasers, Humour, Lasers, Death, Lasers!

Sorry, no sharks.

Sample: View a sample of this play.

© Brett Baxter.